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Why you need property management software

Basic Knowledge of Property Management


Property management is a real estate aspect that handles the maintenance plus other requirements. Our goals are to protect the property while producing as much income as possible. As per my knowledge, any property can be managed by a contracted property management Apache junction firm, tenant, or property owner. Real estate firms have the preliminary liability of property management along their concern in the property-management business.  After the responsibility of property management has handed over to the buyer, the owner of the property plus the tenant has to concur to a point of property management responsibility. This may vary from complete liability on the landlord or tenant. We’ve seen a hybridized contract that has the property-owner accountable for key repairs plus other features of property management.


Property management Scottsdale work for a landowner and cooperate with his or her tenants. The property management firm may gather rent; locate tenants and bond for repairs.  In many circumstances, the property management firm executes the job of the landlord in all situations. Some of them include neighbor complaints, eviction, and clashes stemming from evasion of rent payment. Needs for property management firms differ by state to state wanting real-estate licensing for property-management firms. This is to make sure that the property management firms are side by side of real-estate rules within the state and will stand for by those rules when handling tenants. So, look for the property management firm who can deal with your property in an effective way.

Professional Rental Photos

Property Management and Photography


Why Red Brick Property Management hires a professional real estate photographer.


Do you ever wonder if professional photos actually make a difference? Well, we are here to tell you that professional photos make a world of difference when trying to rent or sell a home. This goes back to the old saying first impression can make you or break you. Some property management companies will take their own photos , and even worse some will use a smart phone for it. We are professional property managers and not professional photographers so why would anyone in this business decide to play photographer?


Red Brick Property management has a package that offers it’s clients pro photography shots of their home at a very minimal cost. Why have your home just be another listing when your property can shine and stand out to potential tenants.


Red Brick Property Management has teamed up with to take care of our photography needs. Check out their website to see their work and reviews.




Move in Check List

Property Management Move in Check List



What is a property management move in check list? If you’ve ever rented or plan to rent you’ll want to know everything about the check list. Red Brick Property Management in Mesa has tips. If your landlord doesn’t offer a move in check sheet you can find out online at  


During your move in you’ll want to note any issues with the home that you think the landlord may hold you responsible for. Turn in your sheet to your landlord within 10 business days on average and have them sign off on it. If you would like to go the extra mile you can snap photos with a date stamp and send them to your landlord within the 10 business days. Take as many photos as possible, it doesn’t hurt to have more. Complete the form as detailed as possible, snap tons of photos, and turn in within 10 business days. Red Brick Property Management in Mesa will always recommend all tenants to turn them in!


Here are some common areas to focus on when turning in your checklist and snapping photos.


  1. Flooring. Many times issues are reported of staining and fraying.
  2. Walls. Many times the walls have small holes, drywall issues or paint imperfections.
  3. Landscape front and back. Be sure to note the condition of the yard, specifically the shrub, weeds or any overgrowth.
  4. Cleanliness. Make sure you are detailed on how clean the home is. When you move out you can expect to turn in the way you received it. To be safe, it’s better to clean it better than it was when you received it.


Red Brick Property Management in Mesa receives about 70% of move in checklist. To ensure a smooth move out and receive all deposits back be sure to be as detailed as possible. Red Brick Property Management in Mesa recommends all tenants to turn something in to their landlord.













Red Brick Property Management Blog

Property Management!

Why is renters insurance so important?



Why is renters insurance so important? Statistics say most renters do not have a renter’s insurance policy. Some property management companies will require this and make it part of their lease agreement. Renters insurance protects your belongings, covers hotel cost, and medical expenses. Red Brick Property Management would advise anyone looking into renters insurance to speak to an agent for more information specific to their situation. Property Management in Mesa!

According to a survey done by III (Insurance Information Institute) the number of renters have increased but very few have a policy in place. The survey concluded that only 37% of renters actually carry a renter’s policy. (

Property Management companies will always recommend a renters policy but not always require it. When tenants have a renter’s policy it helps keep tensions down in the event of a claim. Tenants have tried to hold owners accountable for their hotel stay when the AC quits or the home has flooded. Why Renters insurance? The answer is simple to protect the tenants belongings and potential expenses when the unexpected arises!

Here are a few myths in regards to renters insurance and we listed the most common ones below.


  1. The landlords insurance will cover the tenant’s belongings.
  2. Renter’s insurance is too expensive. You can actually get a policy for as little as $10/month.
  3. You don’t need a policy because you don’t have valuables. The truth is the average person has $20,000 worth of belongings in their home.
  4. Renters insurance only covers your possessions. This is not true; renters insurance also has liability coverage.


If you would like more information in regards to a renter’s insurance policy please check out this helpful link. Red Brick Property Management can refer you to an insurance company who can guide you through the process.

Please contact your Property Management in Mesa Team! Property Management

Property Management Blog

Red Brick Property Management Logo

Red Brick Property Management Logo


The truth about bed bugs! National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reported that 99.6% of pest professionals had treated for bed bugs in the past year. Property Management company’s take bed bugs very serious and work quickly to have them eradicated. Call your local pest control company for cost and different treatments if you have bed bugs. Our Property Managers ensure that any bed bug cases are taken seriously and handled quickly and efficiently. Our staff is trained to handle these situations from credible service technicians to keep tenants in a safe environment. Although out Bed Bug rates are EXTREMELY low we see cases every so often. We will provided tips on how you can prevent ever having this problem in your home. Please feel free to reach out to any one of our Property Managers for more information.

Beg bugs will hide in your electrical receptacles. Outlet covers can be an inexpensive way to combat these pesky creatures! Another tip is to store your clothing in vacuumed sealed containers. If you think you already have an infestation issue please contact a certified pest control company or your landlord right away. Another simple tip is to vacuum your floors regularly. This seems simple enough but everyday house cleaning will help prevent an infestation. Another good tip we found is to use bed bug climb stoppers!  Keep your home clear of clutter to reduce the risk. Using mattress covers will help prevent the critters from evading your bed. Be sure to use one with a zipper to keep things nice and tight. You can find more on way to detect, prevent and treat if you or someone has a bed bug infestation. Click the link below for more information.

For more tips please visit for prevention tips.